Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Tigar 1 Tigar 4 Tigar 5 Tigar 3 Tigar 2

We have a new Husky Cousin in Tucson! His name is Tigar (correct spelling), and here's his story Carla emailed us:

This poor dog was found on the street when he was 2 months old. The man who found him was in the Air Force, he took him to the vet and they decided his birthday was 1/1/01, he had him fixed and had him about a year. He got shipped off to war and gave Tigar to someone else at Edwards Air Force Base. He had him about 6 months when he was shipped out to the war zone, so he passed him on to another person on the base where he lived for about one & a half years and he went off to war, so Tigar was passed on again where he stayed for another year until that young man went off to war. He was than given to EJ & his family and they had him for the last year. EJ is now going to war for the second time and under the new rules the family has to move off the base when the person who is in the service gets shipped out, our wonderful government at work. EJ's family has to move in with his wife's family in a senior citizen area which only allows dogs up to 25lbs so he had to find a home for Tigar. Nobody would take a 6 year old dog so he is now with us. We are his 5th and final home unless something happens to me and he would than go to Patti. What a story!